with the right support, what great things will you do?

You know you're here to do something more, but you're not sure what. You're not sure how. You're not sure where to start.

One of our greatest strengths is helping our clients to gain clarity around the questions that are holding them back. Clearing out the gunk of confusion will help you to confidently, joyfully, and effectively take action - whether you're an individual, or an organization. 

Justine is a whirlwind of positive energy in action. Not only did she have a great impact on my for profit development company and turn my non profit “initiative” into a structured organization, but more importantly she has had a tremendous influence on my growth as an individual.
— Jeffrey Tubbs, Real Estate Developer & Founder of Urban Roots


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Often in our work, we hit a murky place. We plug along, but confusion and disconnect can make it hard to do our best work. Maybe we aren't sure what the goals are; collaborating with coworkers is challenging; or we don't know how to excel at the tasks we're given.

If your team is feeling like a jolt of clarity could help you to do your good work more joyfully and effectively, we can help. Pedalogical will facilitate sessions - from half-day to two-day - to help everyone to get on the same page, provide ways to connect with colleagues in fresh and meaningful ways, and feel re-energized about the work ahead.

We will work with you to set clear goals and outcomes for the session, and then you can sit back and participate alongside your colleagues, knowing that at the end you'll have important questions answered, and a clear path for moving forward outlined for you.  

Past clients have included Need in Deed, Urban Roots, the University of Pennsylvania Urban Nutrition Initiative, and more.

If you are interested in having a session for your staff or team that has more of a training focus, and less of a visioning focus, please click here to learn about our Capacity Building workshops.




While it's normal to get lost in work sometimes, it doesn't feel good to be stuck in the land of overwhelm without a clear map out. Often just knowing what to prioritize and focus on, and what needs to change, can be near impossible to figure out - especially when you're in the weeds, trying to make the everyday work happen.

Clarity Consulting gives you the space, time, and supportive partnership necessary to go from the trees to the forest, and help you zoom out, set goals, organize, make strong decisions, and get yourself and your organization to a place where you're running more efficiently and impactfully. And, most importantly, you'll feel better!

Clarity Consulting projects can run from two weeks to four months, depending on the nature of your needs. We will tailor a scope of services for exactly what you need help clarifying; these often include a combination of interviews, a Day of Clarity, Get Unstuck sessions with leadership, and the creation of an action plan.

Justine has an uncanny ability to pick up on subtle nuances in our conversation that become revelatory. She coaches with a loving, supportive nature, using her unique brand of humor to make conversations that would otherwise seem “scary” become safe. She is naturally gifted at observing behavioral patterns and serving as a gentle guide on one’s own path of self-discovery. Her coaching has been hugely transformative for me in transitioning my career.
— Rebecca Frantzis, Graphic Designer