Doing good work requires a ton of resources: time, money, imagination, relationship-building, and love. We see more often than not that businesses and non-profits are stretched thin, and while they want to grow - and might have opportunities to do so - they don't have the bandwidth to take on more. That's where we come in! Pedalogical helps our clients to do more good without burning out by outsourcing thoughtfully, and getting a fresh perspective on how to best use the resources you have. We offer ongoing program management services to clients, as well as one-time sessions and projects to provide a burst of support. 

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 work smarter, not harder.

Pedalogical has provided programming for the benefit of our students and volunteer mentors for years. Justine’s kind and creative spirit has enlivened our organization and allowed us to consider a more simple, yet more impactful approach in response to the needs of our ever evolving after-school program. We cannot thank Justine enough for sharing her gifts and positive energy with us and we look forward to more amazing years to come!
— - Tiffany Millner, Affiliate Director of ACE Mentors of Southeastern PA
Working with Justine has been so easy, because she takes such a thoughtful and customized approach to our work. Creating the ArtSTAC Program necessitates flexibility, which Justine has consistently demonstrated by navigating the changes that come up – while also serving as a strong guide and stabilizing force as we evolve our project.”

— Valerie Gay, | Executive Director, Art Sanctuary
I don’t know where Young Involved Philadelphia would be without Justine. For the last few years, Justine has been the brains and brawn behind our Board Prep Program. She hasn’t just handled all of the logistics of organizing the seminars - from student engagement, to event planning, to communication. She also has helped us improve the program, responding to student feedback to create a more dynamic educational experience.
— Jim Saksa, VP of Young Involved Philadelphia



One of the most unique services that we offer, Pedalogical works with businesses and nonprofits to design programs from soup to nuts, and manages them for our clients, seamlessly integrating with your organization to help you do more without adding staff. In addition to building and managing Professional Learning Communities for our clients, we also design and oversee the administration of volunteer programs, educational programs, online courses, cross-sector partnerships, and grant-funded initiatives. We take care of all the details, from interviewing and hiring staff, managing teams, arranging details for events, facilitating gatherings, and conducting assessments. We meet on a regular basis with our Ongoing Clients, attend staff/board/stakeholder meetings upon request, and help you to share your great work with the broader community. We know how delicate it is to outsource work that is often at the heart of your business or non-profit, and we take pride in making sure the programs we manage for you are jewels of your organization, and bolster your profile and impact.


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Bringing your staff, board, and/or volunteers together through a meaningful learning experience hits many notes - it supports team building, helps everyone ensure you're all working towards a shared vision, provides folks the opportunity to learn new skills that will support them in their work, and allows leadership to participate in the experience as a team member, without having to worry about facilitating. We can work with you to design and facilitate your training sessions, staff retreats, and important meetings, to meet these goals and more. 

While we love working with our clients to design new workshops to meet their unique needs, past sessions have often included:

  • Day of Clarity (coming together around mission and/or goals to create a shared understanding & ownership)
  • Project-Based Learning (curricular design for non-traditional educators)
  • Sustainable Engagement (preventing burnout in staff & volunteers)
  • Sustainable Collaboration (planning for working together)
  • Less Busy More Engaged (how we use our time more efficiently and intentionally)

Past workshop clients have included University of Pennsylvania's Urban Nutrition Initiative, Mighty Writers, Need in Deed, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Career Links, Philadelphia Youth Network, Sunrise of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Museum Educators Roundtable, Tribe12, and more.  


Perhaps you can feel your team needs something to be happier and more effective, but you're struggling to figure out what it is. Maybe you're a team of one or two, and you're hitting your limit, but there's still more work that needs to happen - somehow! If you're trying to figure out how to do big things with small resources, or need help understanding how to better meet the needs of your people, we can help. We listen to staff and constituents' feedback and reflections and look for patterns across responses; analyze your systems, budgets, partnerships, and programming; and design actionable and thoughtful next steps to help you do more good and better work without breaking the bank or burning out. We'll create a plan that is realistic, exciting, and responsive to the needs of your community. And we'll work with you as you implement the changes you choose to make, so you don't have to go it alone.