Hi! I’m Justine Haemmerli, the lady behind Pedalogical. I am a born & bred New Yorker, currently living in Philadelphia. I have worked as an Educator for the past decade - teaching everyone from middle & High School students, to artists, non-profit Boards of Directors, and staffs of multi-million dollar organizations. I love designing & facilitating innovative learning experiences, and am very lucky to have the opportunity to share this passion through Pedalogical. I am relentlessly committed to helping people get unstuck. I listen deeply, facilitate with chutzpa and love, and support organizations and individuals to do great things with my keen eye for detail, quick imagination, and zeal for relationship building.




As a former elementary school teacher, I love supporting Pedalogical projects that help our clients do great and significant work. I enjoy making people happy and there is nothing better than watching the fruits of my labor come together to form something awesome – which I get to see everyday in my work with Pedalogical, whether it’s helping to run a leadership program for a local non-profit, researching HR solutions for a growing staff, or coordinating an upcoming event. To learn more about me, and the services I offer Pedalogical and other small businesses, please click here.